Khalifa Al Saif – How Project Management is Different from General Management

The contrasts between the project management and the general management are truly not very clear. Therefore, some difference among the two set them apart, providing them each an uncommon definition. With this blog, one of the experts from Khalifa Al Saif will explain what they are to the organization and how diverse they are from each other.

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What is Project Management & General Management?

Project Management

The project management is consist of organizing, planning, motivating as well as controlling procedures, resources and protocols to accomplish particular goals of a specific project. The aim of the project management would be to utilize the limited time and resources and channel them towards the accomplishing of the project to acquire the excellent results that are advantageous and worthy.

Though are several approaches to project management, the traditional one is comprised of –

  • Initiation
  • Planning and design
  • Execution and construction
  • Monitoring and controlling systems
  • Completion

General Management

The general management can be referred as the coordinating the usage of the existing resources and time toward the achievement of the particular goal or an objective of the certain business or an organization. This activity basically consists of organizing, planning, leading, staffing, controlling as well as directing the particular resources, people or time. This additionally adds the manipulation of financial, technological, human or resources to the great advantage of the cause at hand.

Difference between Project Management and General Management

Though the functions as well as duties of the both type of managements are quite much same, some difference between them make them uncommon functions with identities of themselves.

  1. Project management is generally engaged in projects that are short-term and time bound. General management is employed for continuing procedures or functions of definite organizations, businesses etc.
  2. Typically, in project management, resources are confined. Whereas, general management is too liable for resourcing no matter what essential ingredients as regarded essential for the extension of functions.

Consequently, one can articulate that the dissimilarity between the project management and general management does not rest in leadership or extra qualities needed but in the scope of duties that cover within each role.



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