Three P’s to Make Your Business Successful- Khalifa Al Saif

Project management is a deliberately planned and a composed exertion which is made to accomplish the project objectives.The project is a victory if there is clearly defined work priorities, clear expectations and roles, organization’s development, teamwork and team development.

The project manager has the duty from the begin of the project, planning, controlling and execution of the project. The project managers need to meet the due dates in a more sorted out and compelling form.          Once the three P’s of the project management are under check, this implies that the project is on the track.


The experts of Khalifa Al Saif explaining the three P’s of project management. They are:

  1. Planning-Project planning includs the project  scope which incorporatess deciding the list of specified project goals, tasks, costs and duration. The project scope is the depiction of the work required for finishing the project objectives. The project is a victory when the project managers work on the details of the project scope.The extent of the project deals with the work required for making the project deliverable.
  2. Process-Each project is unique and it is essential to have good team members chose for the project team. However, there is no standard procedure for running the projects. But, the projects can be managed in a practically comparable way and the project managers can work out the process with the project team. The project managers can utilize the continuous processes prompting to an effective usage of the project. They note down the details of the past projects that the project team has experienced in the previous couple of years and categorize them accordingly.
  3. People-People are one of the vital factors that decides the accomplishment of the project. Many times the people are the main reason of the project failure. So, to have a good team members selected for the project team is basic and the group must cooperate rather than working as individuals.


These the P’s of project management consider a significant part of the criteria required for successful project management.

Khalifa Al Saif group is a leading project management service provider to global organisation.

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